Exploration Projects require a great deal of planning, logistics and services to go all the way, from design board to success. To continue further, from early exploitation to finished extraction, a number of studies and surveys become mandatory due to legal, environmental or simple economical issues.

  All these requirements revolve around general concept of geology with more than a touch of management, marketing and legal advice.

  Belevion anticipated the need for a full range of tools offered to smooth development of any and all stages of exploration or exploitation projects.


Geological Survey for Exploration


In situ magnetic susceptibility, radiometry and spectrometry determinations for complete geological observations

Stream and soil grid sampling and follow-up geochemical and physical analysis and data processing

Channel, trench, open pit sampling

Diamond Drilling (DD) up to 200 meters

Drill core preparation, geochemical and mechanical analysis

Data processing, interpretation and map drafting

Statistical analysis using powerful software

Project planning and management

Economical Geology Services

Pipe-line projects

Tehnical-Economic documentation for exploitation licenses

Feasibility Study

Annual reports and schedules for exploitation

Evaluation report of mineral deposits

Exploration report

Permitting Assessment

Geological Documentation

Environmental Impact Study and Rehabilitation Plan

Social Impact Study