A fast moving world-wide market creates the need for a constant supply of raw resources thus requiring creation and development of exploration projects. Optimal solutions are essential to speed up this search quest and to meet the ever present request for maximum amount of results with limited available resources.
  Belevion comes to meet these various goals of exploration and connected activities by offering a wide range of geophysical services as the elegant tool for discovery and targeting. Why elegant? Because they are fast, precise and inexpensive.
  The versatility of these exploration methods makes them ideal tools for a wider category of domains such as geotechnical, environmental, archaeology and urban development.
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Ground Magnetic Survey

  Gradient and Total Magnetic Field measurements. By products maps such as Reduced to Pole, Residual Map, Analytic Signal Map. 3D Inversion of magnetic data

Electric Survey

Deep Resistivity and IP measurements

Complex arrays: pole-dipole, gradient, mise-a-la-masse etc.

3D arrays

3D Inversion

Radiometric Survey

Versatile tool for geological and alteration mapping

Radioactive source targeting


Shallow Seismic Survey

Seismic Refraction

Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW)


Electromagnetic Methods for Near Surface Targets

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Electromagnetic Locator

Best used for:

targeting for mineral rich potential zones: intercepting, delineating, pin-pointing and assessing their type and potential economical value

geology setting

detecting and delineating aquifers and mineral waters

assessing massiveness, alteration degree and various chemical and physical characteristics

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