Upcoming PDAC 2015 event. Visit us at booth #1129

  During 1-4 March 2015, Belevion participates as exhibitor for the fourth consecutive year at the International Mining Convention PDAC – Toronto, CA.
  With over a thousand exhibitors and investors from 125 countries, Prospects & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) hosts one of the most prestigious events addressing the mining and related industries.
  During previous editions, Belevion presented in front of over 30 000 visitors a complete package of professional solutions, exploration opportunities and latest geophysical services, thus joining other renowned names in the field, such as Abitibi Geophysics, CGG or Quantum.
  ‘’Belevion is the only Romanian company that took part in the event. Romania can only gain exposure at PDAC, either through private or governmental level participation, by attracting capital via advertising its own  exploration and exploitation opportunities. PDAC is the environment that successfully connects all mining industry sectors, from investors and governmental agencies to service operators and related activities linked through a common goal: development of mining exploration and exploitation projects.’’ – Dan Onescu, CEO

3D Inversion of electrical data. Mise-a-la-Masse.

  Belevion perfected and refined several electrical survey methods over the last few years, methods which now stand among the regular services palette.
  Electrical resistivity and IP 3D inversion helped several Belevion partners to better define and target different geological settings ranging from epithermal gold deposits to porphyry structures. Once the first drill holes fall in place, data from the assays can be used to constrain the 3D model and define a geophysical follow-up signature.
  Mise-a-la-masse array, with one electrode injecting directly in the source via a drill hole, can be used to further refine a potential 3D model, or, by itself, to identify mineralization pattern.

Exotic Projects. Geophysical Survey In Papua New Guinea

   During the summer of 2011, Belevion completed a two month exploration campaign in Papua New Guinea. Local conditions were very difficult, closest city being no less than 160 km east of the survey area.
  The survey was a success, a combination of difficult logistics and pole-dipole resistivity and IP measurements with confirmed hits on follow-up drill holes.
  Because we all know that a picture beats a thousand words, we created a special page with a simple yet self explanatory presentation of the adventure here.

Geotechnical services for Green Energy - Windmills

  In 2010, Belevion became involved in green energy projects, providing geotechnical services: geological, geophysical, drilling and analysis for several projected Windmill Parks in Dobrogea, Moldavia and Banat regions. Seismic and Electric Surveys, doubled by geotechnical studies allowed for precision determination of foundation conditions.
  In the long run, Belevion will divert more resources to sustain green projects by providing a wide array of non-destructive services, both geological and geophysical.

Sierra Leone Bauxite Project Reevaluation Study

   In the beginning of 2010, Belevion successfully completed reserves evaluation for Sierra Mineral Holdings I's bauxite deposits in Sierra Leone.
  The volume of works was titanic as Belevion indexed, catalogued and processed data gathered over 40 years exploration program.

  The resulted comprehensive database will be a valuable asset for middle to long term exploitation planning.

Belevion involved in Romania's Motorway Development

   Belevion successfully completed geophysical surveys for geotechnical investigations in Corridor IV: Sibiu-Nadlac Motorway, rising above expectations, as stated by DIWI Consult.
  Seismic and resistivity surveys proved to be valuable tools for detecting underground geological conditions in potential high risk areas. Further more, the new high resolution array developed by Belevion for resistivity measurements provided accurate results rivaling the classic seismic method.
  High resolution arrays and fast custom developed programs turn geophysical survey into a valuable solution for geotechnical purposes.