Geophysical services, Electric, Magnetic, Radiometric and Seismic Survey (including interpretation) for exploration of potential mineral rich areas, delineating deposits and surveying various geological targets.
Wide range of geotechnical and geophysical survey methods for construction works (roads, infrastructure and civil projects). Detection and identification of near surface targets. Bathymetry and topography.
Survey for exploration projects. Feasibility studies, quarry and mining design and development including permitting assessment for exploitation sites and continuous development monitoring.

 Belevion was founded by four experienced geoscientists dedicated to innovation, mineral exploration, mining and engineering. Their goal: to create a high standard company while maintaining an open and friendly approach.

 Highly proficient in geophysical surveys, Belevion met professional challenges in mineral exploration projects from Europe to remote Papua New Guinea.

CRM-geothermal, european researchers are developing an innovative technology solution..

Electrical survey. IP and resistivity measurements. 3D Arrays, Mise-a-la-Masse, 3D Inversion and other new services added in Belevion's portfolio.

Exotic projects. Geophysical campaign in Papua New Guineea..